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Toronto Ladies & male subs Munch

Welcome to the Ladies & male subs Munch homepage.

The munch is held on the 

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Imperial Pub 54 Dundas Street East, Toronto,
ON M5B 1C7
Toronto, Ontario

Your host, as usual will be Tiia.

You will find us in the room at the rear of the pub behind the fish tank

If you are having difficulty finding us just ask the friendly bartenders
There were many reasons for choosing this location.
The soundproofing, great atmosphere, service and food were
the factors that won us over.
Each munch will have a brief presentation on various D/s topics.

The emphasis of the munch evening will be on providing a fun, social environment for Female Dominants and male submissives to meet and talk.

This munch also invites switches and those who have not decided which side suits them. All attendees, especially newcomers, are welcome but please bear in mind that the atmosphere and discussions will be based on Female Domination and male submission.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email 


steve at  

Tiia at

Also, if you would like to be added to the new mailing list, please email and you will be sent an invitation to join. NOTE - Please be sure to include your CITY and AGE in your profile. This list contains active discussion in regard to the local scene, as well as a place to post a picture and description of yourself, if desired.

As a courtesy to those who do not have computer access, we offer a phone number to call - 

Liz 416-840-0494 

steve 647-349-7929. 

Please remember that these are busy people and the call should be pertaining to the munch not just for general information and/or idle chat.

We hope to see everyone there!


If you wish to receive email updates send an email to Liz